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Space Whale by Mercurial Games

A psychedelic explosion of colour, fish and meta-galactic mammals. Swing through space using the gravity of planets, growing bigger as you eat until you can devour entire galaxies. Orbiting different planets causes different instruments to blend into the music and chomping planetoids plays musical notes with the cosmic cacophony.

Team Overview

Space Whale was created as part of the Professional Masters in Games Development at Abertay University. It was designed and developed using UDK throughout our second semester alongside other modules, between February and May 2012.

Team members
  • Chris Dodds- Chris was environment & UI artist for the game. He was responsible for creating all the various planets, stars, debris and black holes in-game as well as all UI, menu and state images.
  • Sophia Pretoria George- Sophia was responsible for creating the dynamic space backgrounds as well as designing, modelling, texturing and animating the whale.
  • Luna Li- Luna worked on designing, modelling, texturing and animating the fish model as well as creating space debris and the lasers.
  • John Cooper- John was responsible for the backbone of the game and code structure as well as programming the whale's movement, animations and helping with many other miscellaneous programming tasks.
  • Paul Andrew Mcgee- Paul was the game's designer and was ultimately responsible for the creative direction. He also programmed the interactive sound, and numerous miscellaneous programming & polishing tasks.
  • Robin Berry - Robin was the game's producer. As such he was responsible for managing team to client relations, anticipating any dealing with production issues.
  • Calum Minuti GooldProviding audio consultation, design, and adaptive composition for the game.
  • Tin Katavic - Tin was responsible for implementing both the ingame and cinematic camera and its movements. He also programmed the dynamic background and did early work on projectiles from civilized planets.
  • Shwetha Rao - Shwetha programmed all the menus, user interface elements and game pop ups, such as the newspaper alerts, using a combination of Scaleform, Unreal Script and the UDK level editor.
  • Ramkumar Thiagarajan - Ram explored movement early on in the project and then took responsibility for the particle effects, particularly the gravity beam.
Space Whale by Mercurial Games
Information on the development tools used within this project can be found in the downloadable project zip files.

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