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Shapeshifter by Team Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter is a cute platformer designed for touch screens, which centres around the idea of morphing into different objects that give you (the player) different physical properties. Using these different objects you can navigate through the level. For instance to roll down a hill you could turn into ball, or to jump high off a ledge you can turn into a paper plane. As you change him into different forms you gain the physical properties of the new object.

The art style is largely based around japanese themes, the environments and character are made of paper, and the character will fold himself into and out of other objects. In the game you play as a boy who has been sucked into a magical book, in which he finds a hat that gives him the ability to fold into different objects.

Team Overview

Team Shapeshifter developed this game as part of their 3rd Year Games course at the University ofAbertay.

Team members
Information on the development tools used within this project can be found in the downloadable project zip files.

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