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Legendary Crusaders by Various Artists
Genre and Current Platform
The game is a 2D platform puzzle game set in a medieval world of three pages (levels).

Four players will take control of the knights, siblings with the elemental powers, one of Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Their task is to battle across the lands using their abilities to solve puzzles and reach the castle thus stopping their evil fifth sibling. You must work together to complete each page, but with the power orbs at stake, either fight between you or give to your siblings to improve the powers.

The main USP’s for this game are the saleable elemental powers moving along the good and evil scale. The pop up scenery is also a major part of the games look and feel. As the player starts the level will pop up, and as the players moves along the scene, key important objects will pop up into life to show their possible importance to a problem.

Team Overview

The Various Artists team created this game for the Dare to Be Digital contest in 2010.

Team members
  • Andrew Mackie- Lead Programmer, Engine and Physics Programmer
  • Craig Paton- Character artist and animator. Concept & promo art.
  • Laura Thomas- Environment artist, concept art
  • Kyle Hatch- Team Leader, Gameplay, Sound, AI Programmer
  • Ryan Reid – Particles & Special effects Programmer

Legendary Crusaders

PC, Xbox 360 controllers
Information on the development tools used within this project can be found in the downloadable project zip files.

Download Demo (135 MB)
Download Source
Available for purchase.
Minimum Bid
The starting bid for this project is £5,000 there are no active bids, please click the "Place Bid" button below to make a formal enquiry (See FAQs number 4 and 5 for more details on our bidding process).
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