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Epoch Defence by Bazooka Duck
Genre and Current Platform
3rd Person Combat Game for PC.

Epoch Defence is a time based tactics game where you must fight alongside the time-ghosts of your allies to repel a massive alien invasion. While the odds aren't in your favour, one thing the aliens haven't counted on is your ability to rewind time! Losing all your units will cause time to rewind, beginning a new round where you fight alongside your actions from previous rounds.

This time, if you target the enemy strategically, you can save many of your fallen allies from their fate, bringing them back into your control, ready to continue their role in the war effort! While Epoch Defence may appear to be a standard mouse-and-keyboard RTS at first, it adds elements of 4th-dimension thinking to the mix. Save Victorian England from alien invaders, overcoming their sheer numbers through the effective and crushing use of terrain, strategy and time!

Team Overview

The Bazooka Duck team created this game for Dare to Be Digital 2010 and won the Teams choice Award and Intel Visual Adrenaline Award.

Team members
Epoch Defence
Information on the development tools used within this project can be found in the downloadable project zip files.

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Minimum Bid
The starting bid for this project is £5,000 there are no active bids, please click the "Place Bid" button below to make a formal enquiry (See FAQs number 4 and 5 for more details on our bidding process).
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